Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Traffic Accident in Kharkiv keeps arousing deep resonance…

Don't stand aside!

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Here you can find all the detailed information about the case:
Статья на русском:

As it was informed earlier by mass media, on 13 April 2012 a 19-year old Khristina Rozhanskaya, daughter of a “Party of Regions” member, got into a traffic accident. The young lady driving a Skoda at a high speed ran down a 31-year old Iryna Kozlova at the crosswalk, and left the accident site. Please refer to video of the scene (
These were the witnesses of the accident who actually called the ambulance, and the victim with multiple injuries was taken to hospital.
The hospital employees informed the State Traffic Police of the case and after arriving to the accident site several hours later, the policemen found Skoda and the driver at the next crosswalks which is tens of meters away from the accident site. The official representative of the State Traffic Police gave a statement that Khristina Rozhanskaya was waiting for the State Traffic Police there and she didn’t escape from the accident scene. This version was also stated at the Official site of the State Traffic Police in Kharkiv Region. Please refer to the site (
Such attitude roused the Community. The story got additional resonance when one of the accident witnesses descried the event at the city internet-forum ( and copied there his communication in a social network with one of Khristina Rozhanskaya’s fiend, who claimed she was also in Khristina’s car when accident occurred. In this communication Khristina’s friend wrote that “the case was settled by one telephone call to proper people”. Within several days the topic started at the intern –forum reached tens thousands of browsings, and a thousand of posts. Mass media also started to report the event progress as well. 
Thanks to the efforts of the activists of the internet community, on 21 April 2012 at the Kharkiv Central Square a meeting was held aimed to let the Authorities know that the Kharkiv citizens would not allow “hushing up” this accident.
More than a hundred of people took part in the meeting. The people were holding posters with slogans “Prison is better than mob law” and “We are watching you!” During the meeting the following demands were voiced:
1. Institute criminal proceedings against perpetrator.
2. Make answerable certain State Traffic Police officers, who tried to distort evidence.
3. Make this case public, including involvement of the central mass media.
4. Initiate supervision over investigation of this traffic accident by public prosecutor's office.
5. Let the camera records from the neighboring buildings for free access.
6. Repeat narcological examination
The meeting was effective. The Public Prosecutor's Office in Kharkiv region have recently informed that they have accepted the investigation under their supervision (please refer to the official site In respect of the driver a criminal case was instituted under Criminal Code, part 2, art 286 providing for 3-8 years in custody, and as a restraint Khristina was made to give a written undertaking not to leave Kharkiv. Moreover, a video with the accident recorded by one of the outdoor cameras appeared in Internet. ( As a feedback to the public attention, messages supposedly sent by Khristina Rozhanskaya, where she writes she regrets the happening, but… she also claims that at the moment her car hit the victim, she lost consciousness, and a friend who was also in the car beside her, took under control the steering wheel from Khristina.
At the meantime following the results of the meeting the activists from the Internet community arranged the search of the accident witnesses, and are preparing appeal to the Head of the Kharkiv State Traffic Police and to the Home Minister of Ukraine. On 28 April 2012 at the Svoboda Square in Kharkiv, since 15:00 to 17:00, all indifferent Kharkiv citizens are invited to put their signatures under these appeals. The texts of these appeals can be found at
As the relatives inform the Injured Party - a 31-year old Iryna Kozlova – is still in hospital. Doctors describe her state as stably serious. Collection of monetary support was arranged to help Iryna recover. (

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Продолжаем готовиться к Евро "двадцять-дванадцять" (как любят говорить наши  политики).

Нюхаем цветочки.
Заводим зверушек.
Переживаем о вкусняшках.

А в это время детки высокопоставленных украинских папаш продолжают демонстрировать своё "европейское сознание, воспитание и образование" и полное отсутствие качеств, присущих человеку разумному.
На сей раз "прославилась" дочь члена Правления Общества Красного Креста Украины (какая ирония!).
Подробности и помощь пострадавшей здесь:

Приезжайте, гости дорогие! У нас - хорошо.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Евроинтеграция ((

Украина вовсю готовится к Евро:

Подробности здесь:

Помимо всего прочего, мне нравится, как презентуют нашу нацию западным европейцам - строитель, горничная, официантка ... , грудастая красотка с отсутствием мозга.
Страна рабов, страна господ.

Грустно всё это ...